Big 5 Pokie

Welcome to the jungle! Do you want to proceed and see all the benefits that are available there? Then stay with us as we shall go through the various features found in Big 5 that might result in very good profits. Big 5 is a classical pokie produced by the software manufacturer, which you probably have already heard about, Microgaming.

If you were looking for a pokie that looks like the early traditional ones, what you might refer to as the good old pokies, then Big 5 is definitely a wise choice. It is a simple pokie with clear features and no complicated rounds. Now you have the opportunity to try it out for free and make your own judgement.

Special symbols

After a couple of spins you will notice that the symbols used in Big 5 are the traditional symbols like the cherries, bar symbols and sevens. However, there are also new symbols like the lion symbol which gives rise to the biggest payout. In fact, if you choose to play with three coins which we shall discuss further on, the lion can give you as much as 2, 400 credits!

Cherries symbol

Do you like cherries? We love them, and we love them even more for the benefits they give in Big Kahuna. The cherries are, in fact, always profitable, no matter how many of them are displayed, or where they are positioned on the wheel. So it is very obvious that Big 5 has been produced to look like the early pokies found in real casinos.

Thee coins symbol

As mentioned earlier, the biggest profits are made when playing with three coins. However, you can also choose to play with one or two coins which means that Big 5 provides you with three different levels of play. Therefore, it is very evident that the settings for this pokie are not very complicated and you will probably understand how they work after the first few spins. This will give you the opportunity to decide which level suits best your financial possibilities.

Also, just like with the old pokies, there is only one active payline in Big 5. So, your target is to line up the same symbols from left to right on the middle line. All the symbols, except the cherries, must line up in threes to produce a profit. The cherries, as we said, can make you win both when they appear once and twice. Have a look at the paytable shown on the left hand side of your display. It is very easy to understand how it works and how much you will gain each time symbols line up.

Apart from all this, we can say that Big 5 is a colourful and cheerful pokie that gives us the feeling of playing a real physical pokie. If you are looking for a sophisticated pokie, then we suggest you search for other pokies on our page as Big 5 might be disappointing in that case. However, players looking for a classic experience are just in the right place.