Carnaval Pokie

Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Rio Carnival are probably the two most famous carnivals. However, these are not the only two places to celebrate carnival. All throughout the world people gather in the streets every year to participate in carnival festivities. Carnaval from Microgaming, is providing us with such celebrations on a smaller scale. Even if you have never been to a carnival celebration in real life before, odds are good that you will still enjoy this pokie.

Technically speaking Carnaval is a pokie that has five reels, three rows, and nine active paylines. Thus we can say it is a rather standard pokie for Microgaming, although there’s a vast range of pokies that offer both a bigger or a smaller amount of paylines. When playing Carnaval, the coin value can be adjusted to six different levels.


The symbols used in Carnaval are, of course, all related to the same theme. Here you will come across musical instruments, clowns, painted dancers and more. All the colours and cheerful representations will make you enjoy this pokie and, after making some good wins, you will definitely be in the mood for celebrations. There are also a few special symbols which you should pay extra attention to.

Special symbols

The first of these special symbols is a wild symbol that substitutes for most other symbols to help you make profits. So, if you get two wild symbols on the first three reels, then a win is guaranteed. Carnaval, besides the wild, also has a scatter symbol. Being called scatter comes from the fact that it doesn’t matter where it shows, it will still give you payout. Moreover, wins can be multiplied. If three scatter symbols show up the win is multiplied by two, if four are seen the win is ten times bigger, and if you manage to count five scatters, then the value will be fifty times as the normal one! Overall, Carnaval is an entertaining pokie that will appeal to many players.

If we had to find a deficiency in it we’d say the lack of an integrated bonus round. Microgaming was able to come up with both very advanced pokies, as well as simpler ones like this one. If you’re still a beginner and haven’t found a style you prefer, we suggest you take a look at our page to see what there is on offer. Keep in mind, over here you can play them for free so you can try as many as you want. On the other hand, if you already know what you’re looking for, still go through our site because we’re very confident you will find what you’re looking for.