Casino verification

Such a procedure as verification, that is, confirmation of their specified data, is carried out today on many virtual playgrounds. The purpose of the verification procedure may be different, and the reasons for it may differ depending on the online casino. Most often, verification is necessary to comply with all legal requirements, which the owners of online establishments take very seriously. Also, with the help of verification, the casino administration prevents the appearance of multi-accounts, which are prohibited by the rules of the site.

How to get verified in a casino

Despite some differences, there are certain general rules. Most often, you need to send a scan of your civil passport. Sometimes a photo taken in good quality is enough. The required pages can also contain the following information:

title page with basic data;

page with registration;

item and date of issue. Sometimes it is required to send a passport to a casino in the form of a video, which will show both the document itself and its owner. The materials require clarity and good legibility of all data, from photography to numbers and series numbers.

What else may be required

The famous virtual casinos are serious sites that deal with big money. It is clear that the attitude to all issues related to payments is attentive and responsible. In some cases, the online casino administration may require confirmation of payment details. For this, either a screenshot of the user’s payment system or a photo of the bank card directly is used. Sometimes you will need to confirm your place of residence. If the page of the passport with registration at the place of residence is not enough, the administration of the gambling site may ask to send additional confirmation – a scan of the receipt for payment of utilities. It is necessary to send files with the image in the best possible quality, so that there are no problems and delays in the withdrawal of money for technical reasons. Usually, all checks on the data provided are done fairly quickly, but the timing may vary from site to site. It is often recommended to go through verification immediately upon registration to save time later.

How to treat verification and is it worth it?

Passport data provided to the site during verification refers to personal information. Therefore, it is not recommended to provide such information to everyone in a row, it may be unsafe. So you should carefully look at which resources on the Internet you can send such important information. If the gaming site is well-known, has a good reputation and positive reviews on the net, then there is nothing to worry about. But if the site is small, exists recently and arouses suspicion, then it is better to refrain from going through verification on it, even if good bonuses are promised for this. In general, the need to go through the procedure for confirming your profile data is a sign of a responsible online gaming platform. This testifies to the fact that the casino is set up seriously, all rules, laws and regulations are strictly observed in its work. In addition, the passed verification will often speed up all financial processes and transactions, both for depositing money and for withdrawing them. It should be noted that in the case of a large win, the sizes of which are different on each site, most often it is required to go through additional procedures for personal identification and account verification. It is common practice to hire a notary to certify copies of documents. This is required by both the laws and the internal rules of virtual playgrounds, and their implementation should be treated with understanding.