Cracker Jack Pokie

We must admit to you that when we first saw the title of this pokie we instantly thought of the 2002 comedy where Jack Simpson has to join a lawn bowls club to be able to make use of free parking space. In our opinion this was a good comedy with several funny moments. However, after some research, we found out that cracker jack also refers to an American brand of popcorn and peanuts, a british TV series, a band, a comic and other things.

We are not sure what inspired the producers, but what we’re sure of is that now Cracker Jack is also the name of a pokie by Microgaming.
One can instantly see that Cracker Jack belongs to the classical pokies group, those that remind us of the first traditional pokies. With just one active payline in the middle stretching from left to right, three reels and three rows, Cracker Jack certainly has all the characteristics required to be called a classical pokie. You will also see the different bar symbols and sevens as the wheels are spin, and so you might even end up feeling a little bit nostalgic.

The most important symbols

However, Cracker Jack also has a couple of symbols which are worth keeping an eye on. One of these symbols is the dynamite symbol, or firecracker, that can give payout even when not lined up in threes. So you can say that the dynamites are equivalent to the cherries found in the traditional pokies.

For some reason, the dynamite symbol also made us think of the Christmas crackers that make a pop sound when pulled apart during Christmas celebrations. These are probably called crackers because they look like the firecrackers, like the ones seen here.

In addition to this explosive symbol, there is also the Cracker Jack logo that is very important. This acts as a wild symbol that substitutes other symbols to finish off winning combinations. When just one logo is shown together with two matching symbols, the payout will be doubled. Even better is what happens when two logos and another symbol show up on the middle line. This is because payout is multiplied by four.

The Cracker Jack logo is also important because it results in the highest payout whenever three of them line up on the central payline. If you are playing with one coin, you will gain 2, 000 credits, whereas if you decide to stake more and play with two coins, you will be awarded with 5, 000 credits. How much these credits will be worth in money value depends on the amount of your bet, of which you can choose between three different levels.

Well, much more than this we cannot say about Cracker Jack. It looks like many of the other classical pokies offered by Microgaming. It is very colourful and will provide all the nostalgic players out there with a pleasant moment that can also be profitable. Now you have the chance to try it for free on this page ans see what you think.