Crusade of Fortune Pokie

The theme for this pokie, as stated above, is about good people fighting evil orcs, similar to what we’ve seen in the pokie The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship. It also has some elements similar to the pokie Devil’s Delight. So if you enjoyed any of these, we’re pretty sure you will find this pokie as thrilling. During your expedition towards a better world your cash bag can grow dramatically, and you could also win extra during the exciting bonus game. This, together with more features, will surely provide you with the gaming experience you’ve been wanting.

A striking characteristic of this pokie is that there are several levels at which to play. The highest coin value which you can bet is €0. 20 and there are 20 possible paylines which you can play on. Then you can choose between 20 different levels of coin value. So, as a result, you have the option of betting a fairly small amount of money whilst still playing on all the 20 paylines. Of course, you’re still free to choose a maximum bet of €80, but that is entirely up to you.

Bonus game features

The bonus game is somewhat special, and one which you’d probably not encountered before. When you get three or more wild symbols on a betline, the bonus game is activated. You will then see that you have a heroic warrior prepared to fight the angry orc; something similar to what you might have witnessed when playing classical video games such as Tekken or Mortal Combat.

The difference here is that you will earn bonus points which will eventually be transferred to your account. Your aim should be to hurt, and eventually kill the orc, as well as defend yourselves. This is done in two stages wherein first you choose the sword with which you will hit the orc, and then you choose the shield that will protect you from the orc’s attacks. You have the possibility to try this for three times, and all the points accumulated will be added to your previous payout. It would be even better if you manage to kill the orc. In such case you will get the bonus treasure win of 250, 000 coins!

Of course this can also happen during free spins, that is at the casino’s expense. Up to 30 free spins can be won if three or more scatter symbols are displayed. Winning the bonus treasure during a free spin must be the dream of many, but even if this doesn’t happen, winnings during free spins are multiplied x3, so the end product will still be a considerable increase in your bank roll!

If we managed to raise your curiosity for this pokie, you can now try it for free on this page. Maybe you will even get the urge to play for real money. In that case, should you want to take advantage from good bonus offers, we suggest you open an account with Betsafe.