Diamond 7s Pokie

Tell Me Commander, what do you know about diamonds? Well, it’s the hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggest marriage, and I suppose they replaced the dog as the girl’s best friend. All of you Bond movies fanatics must have realised that this was a conversation taken from the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. Diamonds have always been associated with eternal love and romantisicm, and they appear in many contexts, not just movies. It seems like Microgaming also has a soft spot for diamonds, and chose to dedicate a pokie to this precious stone.


Diamonds have inspired not only Microgaming. Other software producers also used this gem as their theme for some pokies. For instance Diamond Dogs is another pokie, this time from Net Entertainment, that shares this same theme. If you wish to try pokies from Net Entertainment, as well as from Betsoft, you can find them all for free on our page. Browse through the different pokies we have and we’re pretty sure you’ll find a couple of favourites.

Diamond 7s is a classical pokie that consists of three reels, three rows and a single playable payline in the middle of the display that stretches from left to right. The symbols used are also traditional, and include different bar symbols, cherries and, of course, the classical seven symbols. Some sevens are decorated with diamonds, hence the name of the pokie. If you are lucky enough to get three diamond seven symbols on the middle line, you’ll be granted with the pokie’s highest jackpot that amounts to 2, 500 credits. The latter varies according to how many coins you bet, and this shall be discussed further on.


The cherries function as they do in all the classical pokies. These are the only symbol that can make you win even if you don’t get three of them in a row. Even if you get just one or two cherries on the middle line, profit is still guaranteed. Moreover, the bar symbols need not be identical. Any bar combination on the payline also leads to profit. Check out the paytable on the right hand side of the pokie to see how each combination is translated into earnings.

There you will notice that for each combination there are three different payouts, each one bigger than the one before. If you want to aim for the biggest payouts, you need to play for three coins per spin. Needless to say, if you don’t want to spend as much you can still play for one or two coins, and winnings will still be good. How much each coin is worth depends on the coin value which you can adjust as well. The coin value can be set to five different levels. It is therefore very easy to change the settings to make Diamond 7s good for you.

Expert mode

Diamond 7s also provides you with an Expert mode. Why it is called so we still can’t understand, because you definitely don’t need to be an expert in order to make use of this function. When opting for this mode you’ll have added buttons which will give you the possibility to make the pokie spin a certain amounts of rounds automatically. Trust us, sometimes it feels nice to just sit down in front of the screen and watch the pokie do the work for you.

To summarise, Diamond 7s is a truly classical pokies without any added feature. It is simply made up of three reels on which you have to get winning combinations spin after spin. If you like more advanced pokies, we suggest you take a look at the other pokies there are available on our site.