Progressive pokies at online casinos

Who wouldn’t want to become a millionaire in a matter of seconds? Imagine the thrill of playing pokies but with the possibility of winning a life-changing amount of money in an instant. This is entirely possible thanks to progressive pokies. Progressive pokies have the standard format of online fruit slots only with jackpots of Millions of Euros. The biggest ever jackpot won on a progressive slot was over 7 Million Euros on the pokie Mega Fortune.

You may be wondering how online casinos can offer these progressive pokies without going out of business? Well, the jackpots actually get to be so big as they are contributed to by everyone that has ever played them. Every time you or someone else places a bet on a progressive slot, a percentage of that bet is added to the jackpot fund. Imagine millions of players worldwide donating to this fund and now you will begin to understand just how these jackpots get to be so huge. Unlike regular pokies, progressives are actually often shared across a whole online casino network. This means, for example, players from ten different online casinos that all use the same software may be contributing to the prize pool as opposed to just players of one online casino. More players mean more money!

Divine FortuneSo now we have covered how progressive pokies work let’s move onto the strategy. Should you play progressive pokies any differently to how you would play regular pokies? Firstly unlike regular online fruit slots, the jackpots of progressives vary wildly. Every time one is won they are reset so they vary from a pittance to Millions. Therefore it is worth reading newsletters from the online casinos that you are registered with as they will often drop you an email when a progressive is huge and seems ready to pop. If you want to be the next online pokies Millionaire then it is also worth bearing in mind that you have to bet big to win big. Without placing the maximum bet you will never reach the maximum jackpot.
With regards to whether you actually stand a chance of winning the maximum jackpot, without sounding clichéd you do have to be in it to win it and you have more of a chance of winning something like this than most major lotteries. Furthermore, playing pokies is actually fun! Unlike choosing random numbers there is an entertainment value you get with pokies, unlike any other games. You can play pokies right now at FastPay Casino or for example find some demo slots on – it is a good website with a lot of demo slots.

As well as just waiting around for news about the biggest jackpots to be delivered to your inbox the more proactive online casino players out there could choose to actively search for this information. The networks release XML feeds of their current jackpots. This means that you can always find an up to date figure of what can be won at any moment on a range of sites online. Which jackpot you want to go for depends not only on the amount of money that can be won but also on the type of software you prefer. You can find out your preference by trying out them all, remember to have fun and gamble responsibly!