Recoil in slot machines

If you want to make good money in the best online casinos australia, then you need slot machines with good returns. It is one of the key parameters of slots and directly affects the size and probability of winning. Let’s figure out which slot machines are the most “generous”, which is useful for the player to know about the recoil rate.

What is slot recoil?

Return in slot machines is the percentage of funds returned to the player from the bets made. To denote this concept, the abbreviation RTP is officially used, formed from the English phrase return to player (return to player). The term is used in relation to both land-based and online casinos. Return in slots is expressed as a percentage. It is calculated using the following formula: RTP= winnings/bets * 100%. For example, the return on the popular online slot Hotline 2 from Net Entertainment is 96.05%, and the return on the slot machine Dead or Alive 2 from the same provider is as much as 96.82%. That is, in the first case, playing at a long distance, the player will return 96.05% of the funds from the bets, and in the second – 96.82%. When we talk about long-distance, it is not 10 or even 100 rotations. RTP shows itself after 1000 or more spins. In licensed slot machines, recoil is always indicated with an accuracy of one-hundredth of a percent. The developer’s declared RTP value for each such slot is verified by independent regulators. Only those machines for which the correct return is indicated are licensed. Regulators are checked at regular intervals, performing not even thousands, but millions of rotations. When it comes to slot return percentages, the house advantage is often mentioned. This indicator is calculated using a very simple formula: House Advantage= 100% – RTP. For the already mentioned slot machines Hotline 2 and Dead or Alive 2, the house edge is 3.95% and 3.18%, respectively.

What is the recoil on machines?

If the slot is licensed, then its RTP corresponds to the minimum specified in the legislation of the country in which the casino operates. For example, in gambling zones of the Russian Federation, the return of the machine must be at least 90%. The maintenance costs of land-based slot machines are higher than in the case of their online counterparts, so offline slots in different parts of the world differ in the lower return threshold of up to 75%. The most “generous” land slots give back to users no more than 95% of the money. High impact slot machines are always the options offered at online casinos. RTP in them can be up to 98%. The most “greedy” online slots return about 90% of the funds.

How is the RTP value set, can it be changed?

Both in land-based and online slots, the recoil parameter is included in their software. In those options that you can touch with your hands, special chips are installed, which are programmed for a certain percentage of RTP. No one can get to the chip just like that, since the element is safely hidden and supplied with a seal. In the case of an internet slot, the recoil parameter is set in its program code on the developer’s server. Licensed online casinos only place slot machines from developers on their sites, they do not have direct access to the products offered on their sites, but only conduct financial transactions. The legal activities of the providers themselves are reliably controlled by independent regulators.

Where can I find out the percentage of return on the slot?

You can find out the RTP value of a licensed slot machine from the following sources:

  • * websites of providers;
  • * reports of auditors;
  • * reviews from experts.


A slot machine’s return percentage is the fraction of the amount of money that is returned to the player in a long-range game. The parameter is embedded in the product software. There are a number of sources from which you can find out the RTP of a particular slot. Online slot machines have the highest RTP. Nobody can change the recoil rate in a licensed slot.