What is variance in online casinos?

Online casino sites indicate that all slot machines generate winning combinations equally often. In reality, each slot has a different frequency depending on the amount of the main prize. You can see that some players win much more often, and there is a direct mathematical explanation for this. Fortune in a casino doesn’t always smile only at lucky people. Novice gamblers do not know what variance is, and experienced gamblers understand that with its help, companies always benefit. The term “variance” is closely intertwined with the theory of probability. With its help, the mathematical expectations of the probability of certain events are calculated.

Types of slot machines

Variance displays the frequency of payments in gambling. Having information about its value, the player can theoretically imagine how often his bets will be effective. In the world of online gambling, slot machines can have different levels of variance:

* low – slots that allow you to win small amounts, but often;

* average – the number of successful and unsuccessful bets is almost equal;

* high – winning combinations are rarely given, however, the jackpot amount is much higher. Online casino operators provide open information about the return percentage and do not disclose variance indicators. In this case, the table with the payouts of a particular slot machine emulator will help to preliminarily determine the frequency of winning combinations. When choosing a slot, experienced players rely on risk assessment based on the maximum winning coefficient. For example, slots with high returns from Igrosoft have an x5000 index, so they have low variance. Novomatic has an average indicator – x9,000-10,000, and in Microgaming slots the variance is high, since the coefficient exceeds x10,000. In classic slot machines, the multipliers of payments for combinations of different numbers of symbols can differ significantly, which affects the variance indicator. If the difference between payouts for a chain of 2 and 3 symbols is large, then the slot has a high variance. If the differences are insignificant, then the slots can be played without much risk, but there is no chance of winning a big prize either. Another important criterion for determining the level of variance of a slot is the presence of special characters in it. They significantly increase the likelihood of successful lines forming, provide additional bonuses and reduce variance.

Other gambling entertainment

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High variance games are very popular in online casinos. These include keno, bingo, roulette. First of all, players are attracted by generous jackpots, despite the fact that there is little chance of hitting it. The variability of slot machines with three reels has the highest variance, when the multi-line slots are characterized by the lowest indicator, since the range of winning combinations is very high. Average variance is found in virtual poker. The winnings in it can be average, and you can win more often in comparison with slots. When new players are added, the variance is automatically reduced. Board game analogs have minimal variance. Pai-go poker has the lowest rate. With the right strategy, the game turns into tossing a coin between the player and the dealer. It also includes baccarat, craps, blackjack.


It should be noted that online casino owners try to ensure that all games have an average variance. Because of this, players lose a little more often, which forces them to play over and over again. The approach allows you to create decent jackpots and add unique bonuses for variety. The main thing is to choose the online casino and the slot with the highest RTP.